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SEC 4 mini Homework

April 25, 2018

World Wars Test

We will have a test on Chapter 2 Part 4-6 on Wednesday April 25 (day 9 period 1)

This will be a document test that  covers the following topics


-Canada's war effort

- Conscription

- Canada's Autonomy

- Mass Culture

-The Great Depression

-Fascism, Communism, Capitalism

- Duplessis (union Nationale)

-Clerico nationalism


- Canada's War Effort

-Godbout (Liberal Party)

- Nationalization (hydro electricity)

February 22, 2018

Laurier in Government Quiz

We will be having a quiz on Laurier in Government  (Chapter 2 part 1) on Monday February 26

That corresponds to pages 116-129 in the textbook

Notes and Pre Quiz Questions for the chapter can be found in the Notes section

You can turn in your Pre Questions Assignment at the beginning of class.

February 06, 2018

Rewrite Essay Question

Rewrite the essay question. Use the following phrases to help with your answer.

Due Next class.

How did industrialization change Quebec and Canada's urban living conditions, modes of transportation and mass culture during the first half of the 20th century?

Paragraph 1

Industrialization cause more urbanization

Came looking for jobs

Better standard of living

Electricity, indoor plumbing, refrigerators, washing machines

Paragraph 2

Industrialization created more methods of mass transportation

Cars, mass production, Model T, Build more roads

Trams, public transportation, increased trade

Shipping, increased wheat production, create larger ports

Paragraph 3

Industrialization helped create a mass culture by allowing people to share similar experiences

Electricity, listening to radios at home, watching movies at cinemas

People had more money to spend on home appliances like radio

More people living together in cities

Listening to Montreal Canadiens games on the radio.

January 11, 2018

Chapter 1 Part 5 Quiz

Quiz on Chapter 1 Part 5: Development of the Canadian Federation (1867-1896)

 Jan 11, 2018 (Day 6, period 4)

We are having a quiz similar in style to all our previous quizzes.

Topics covered are:

- Rupert's Land and Northwest Purchase

- Metis

- Louis Riel and the Metis Rebellions

- The political consequences of Louis Riel's execution

- Residential schools

- The Indian Act

- The National Policy

- Custom duties

- Transcontinental railroad

- Settlement of Western Canada

December 08, 2017

Chapter 1 Part 4 Quiz

We will be having a quiz for Chapter 1 Part 4 - Social Change and Culture in the second half of the 19th century

The quiz will be based on your notes and the textbook (Pages 66-83)

The following topics are open for questions:

- Working conditions

- Unions

- Urbanization and Rural Exodus

- Working class neighborhoods

- Emigration to United States

- Colonization and Agriculturalism

- Immigration

- Catholic Church (ultramontanism, education, nationalism of survival)

- Anticlericalism (Institut Canadien)

- Role of women (legal status, political rights, sectors of activity)

- Culture

December 06, 2017

Mini HW Quiz

5 questions chosen from the Pre Quiz Questions assignments.

You will be given 15 mins to answer. We will correct them together in class.

This will count for a small amount of your HW mark. The point is to try an spread out the value of each assignment.

November 29, 2017

Pre Quiz Questions Chapter 1 Part 4

Answer the questions given to you in class on Nov 29 on a looseleaf. This homework assignment is due on Wed Dec 6 in class.

You should answer in full sentences.

If you were absent, you can find a copy of the assignment in the Notes section

There will be a mini in class quiz (5 questions) based on these questions on Wed Dec 6.

November 14, 2017

Online Maps Assignment

Go to the website

1) Click on Student Login

2) Enter class name: macleod1

3) Enter Password: Canada

4) Enter the 4 digit PIN you were given in class

Explore the Map and Find Entries on the following topics. Write a brief description (2-3 sentences) for each entry.

1) Upper Canada

2) Lower Canada

3) Act of Union

4) British North America Act

5) Railways

6) Canals

7) Reserves

8) Factories

9)Rupert's Land

10) Reciprocity Treaty

Write your answers on looseleaf and submit them in class on Thursday

November 07, 2017

Industrialization Quiz

We are having a quiz on the 1st phase of Industrialization on Tuesday Nov 7 (Day 9).

The notes for this topic can be found in the Notes Section

October 31, 2017

Pre Quiz Questions - Industrialization

You must answer the Pre Quiz Questions on a loose leaf assigned to you in class. They are due next class on Thursday Nov 2 (Day 6). You can fins a copy of the the questions in the Sec 4 Notes Section

You can use you notes and textbook to find the answers.

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