Mar 16, 2020

Monday March 16th

Knowledge Quiz Chapter 3 (Parts 1-3)

We are going to be having a quiz on Monday March 16th

Group 02 - Period 3

Group 01 - Period 4

The following topics are fair game for the quiz:

Chapter 3 Part 1

- Cold War (how Canada benefited from it)

- Duplessis and provincial autonomy

- Economic Liberalism

- Duplessis approach to natural resources and agriculture

- Duplessis and the Catholic Church (Education and Health)

- Opposition to Duplessis (Unions and Secularism)

- Consumer society (examples of what it is, American influence)

- Population growth (Baby boomers)

Chapter 3 Part 2

- Quiet Revolution

- Welfare state (progressive, secularization)

- Improvements in education and healthcare

- Economic Nationalism (crown corporations, Hydro Quebec, "Maitres Chez Nous")

- Union Nationale (how are they different from Duplessis, Bill 63)

- Effects of the Quiet Revolution

- Federal Government reaction to Quiet Revolution

Chapter 3 Part 3

- Population Changes (reasons for declining population, diverse immigration)

- Expansion of consumer society (examples)

- Public investment in infrastructure (metro, highways, etc.)

- Housing construction

- Industrial and economic change (automation, larger businesses, relocation of businesses)

-  The suburbs (what are they?, why do people move there? urban sprawl)

- Changing attitudes (counterculture, baby boomers vs. their parents)

- Women's Rights

You are responsible for the following pages

Textbook: p. 206-251

Workbook: p. 194, 198, 207, 210, 213, 215, 218, 221, 234, 238-9, 243-45

Jan 20, 2020

Part 1: Mon Jan 20, Part 2: Tues Jan 21

Chapter 2 Test (Parts 1-6)

We are having our Chapter 2 Test on next week

Part 1: Monday Jan 20

Part 2: Tuesday Jan 21

For Part 1 of the test, students are responsible for the following topics:


- Prime Minister Wilfird Laurier, examples of compromise (Canadian Navy, Boer War and conscription)

- Competing ideologies (British Imperialism vs French Canadian Nationalism)

- Immigration in the early 20th century (origin, methods, Western Canada)

- Indigenous peoples in early 20th century (residential schools)

- Second Phase of Industrialization (why Canada was well suited for industrialization)

- Economic liberalism (royalties)

- Monopoly Capitalism (the consequences)

- Union movement (American unions, strikes)

-Catholic Church (role in society, opinion of unions, Catholic unions, cooperatives)

- Living conditions in cities (health problems/solutions)

- Education

- Women;s struggles (reform groups, women's right to vote, women working)

Beginning of the World War I (causes, Canada's involvement, War Measures Act, immigration)

Canada's War Effort (Canadian Expeditionary force size, Victory bonds, women's contribution)

Conscription (Why it was needed, opinion in the country about it, result)

End of the War ( greater autonomy for Canada)

- Roaring Twenties (prosperous time, mass culture)

- The Great Depression (Stock Market Crash, cycle of Depression, consequences, how government and Church respond

- Competing ideologies (fascism, communism, socialism, why would people follow these ideologies)

- Maurice Duplessis (his worldview, opinion of communism, Padlock Laws, relationship with Church)

- Clerico-nationalism (identity of French Canadians, Lionel Groulx beliefs)

- Start of WWII (End of WWI consequences, alliances, Canada's role in the war, immigration)

- Canada's war effort (mobilizing factories, Victory bonds, conscription plebiscite,  women's role)
- The End of the War (The Normandy Landings (D-Day))

- Godbout Government in Quebec (opinion on conscription, how he was different than Duplessis, relaitionship with Fed Gov't, women right to vote, education, hydroelectricity)

You are responsible for the following pages:

Textbook: P116-189

Workbook pages: P.131, 134, 137, 138, 156-57, 160, 163, 166, 201, 204)

Dec 04, 2019

Dec 4

Knowledge Quiz (Chapter 2 Parts 1-3)

We will be having our 1st quiz of Chapter 2 (Parts 1-3) on Dec 4th, 2019 

Students are responsible for the following topics

British Imperialism

French Canadian Nationalism

Laurier's compromises (Boer War, Canadian Navy)

Immigration (where immigrants came from, how they were attracted, who was denied)

Immigration in the West (Xenophobia towards Asian immigrants, francophone minorities)

Indigenous peoples (Residential schools, Indian Act)

Second phase of Industrialization

Development of economy (mechanization, mining, lumber, paper and pulp)


Economic Liberalism

Foreign investment (British and American)

Monopoly Capitalism

Unions (Strikes)

Catholic Church reaction to Unions


Services in Urban areas


Women's Struggles

Textbook pages 116-151

Workbook Pages 105-106, 113-114, 118, 121, 124-125

Nov 06, 2019

Nov 7

Chapter 1 Test Part B and C

On Nov 7, 2019 we will be writing Part B and C of our Chapter 1 test after it was delayed by Mr. Macleod's absence.

The topics that students are responsible for are

The Act of Union 1840

Macdonald's National Policy

Students should review their notes and read the relevant pages in your textbook to prepare.

Nov 04, 2019

Chapter 1 Test

We are having our Chapter 1 Test on the following dates"

Part A: Monday Nov 4

Part B and C: Tuesday Nov 5

You are responsible for pages 30-99 in your text book.

You are responsible for completing pages 97-99 in your workbook.

Here are some topics that you should pay particular attention to for your Chapter 1 Test on Wednesday Oct 31

Act of Union

Political Structures (flow chart of governments)

Responsible Government


Political Parties

Ministerial instability

Free Trade (Reciprocity Treaty)



British North America Act (1867)



Industrial capitalism

Forestry and Farms


Social Classes



Women in the 19th Century

Metis and Louis Riel

First Nations (Numbered Treaties, Residential Schools)

Macdonald's National Policy

Topics for Part B and C will be given in class on Monday

Oct 24, 2019

Monday October 22 (Day 3)

Knowledge Quiz (Chapter 1 Pt 3 & 4)

 We are going to be having our 2nd Knowledge Quiz on Chapter 1 Part 3 & 4

Here are the following topics that you are responsible for:

First phase of industrialization (Causes and consequences)

Mechanization of Labour (steam engine)

Industrial Capitalism (Capital, banks, means of production)

Canals and Railways (Advantages and reasons why they were built)

Forestry Industry (importance, locations, pulp and paper)

Increased production in agriculture (crop diversification, dairy)

Working class vs business class

Factories (working conditions, wages)

Unions (purpose, methods, political influence)

Urbanization (reason why, consequences for working class neighborhoods)

The pages in the Reflections textbook you are responsible for are: 56-83

The workbook pages that i will be checking that are compete are: Pages 63-75

Sep 26, 2019

Day 3

Quiz #1 - Act of Union and Province of Canada

This is your first quiz on the Act of Union and the Province of Canada

Things you need to know:

- Act of Union (1840)

- Alliance of Reformers (Baldwin & Lafontaine)

- Abolition of protectionism

- Responsible government

- British North America colonies

- Conservatives and Liberals (Cartier, Macdonald, Dorion, Brown)

- Great Coalition

- British North America Act 1867

- Ministerial instability

- proportional representation

- adoption of free trade (Reciprocity treaty)

- Domestic market and railways

- Jurisdictions

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