Financial Education Homework

November 28, 2018

Selecting Stocks for Stock Market Challenge

Your task today is to research and find 10 stocks that you would be interested in investing in.

You will add them to your Watch List on your Marketwatch account


 Here are some sectors to choose from:

-basic materials



-consumer goods

-individual goods






-social media


If you are having some trouble getting some ideas here are some links that you can use 

The Global Top 500 - A list of the top 500 earning companies in the world

The Dow Jones Top 30 -  A list of the Top 30 stocks on the American Dow Jones Stock Excange

NASDAQ Top 100  - A list of the Top 100 companies on the American NASDAQ Stock Exchange

Top 200 Canadian stocks - A list of the Top 200 Canadians companies expected for 2018

The World's Biggest Public Companies - You can search by country (Ex: China) and by sector

For advice on Technical analysis check out

October 24, 2019

Padlet link for Ms. Wang

October 08, 2019

Links for Budget Assignment

Download the Budget Assignment Template from the Financial Education Notes page

Here are some links to some sites that can help you find information for your Budget Assignment

1) For finding an apartment:

2) For estimating the cost of Hydro

3) The cost of a bus pass

4) Find a car (Near the bottom of the listing is an estimate on how much it would cost to fuel the car for the year)

5) Car Payment Calculator (Your loan is over 48 months, 0 down payment, interest rate 2.99%),,10536,00.html#monthly-payment

6) Insurance Calculator (This is just a rough estimate but it will help you get a close number of how much it would cost)

7)Internet Service Providers (list of providers, their packages, and prices)

8) Cell Phone (choose your number of minutes, data, and type of phone)

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